Yellow Cab Delivers... a Hero!

As fall moves into winter, and the conditions outdoors become harsh seemingly unbearable… we keep our heat turned up and supplies stocked in anticipation of the flux in juvenile raptor intakes here at Turtle Ridge. These young birds of prey who were born in the spring, have been surviving on their own without help from mom and dad. Although they arrive sick, starving, and in critical condition; they are the lucky ones. They were found, rescued, and brought to us for life saving care. We love the opportunity to make a difference for this special group of animals whose odds at surviving the first year of life can be as brutal as 1:75 during a harsh winter. Because of their condition, these patients typically require immediate and “around the clock” care. The call for “Cabby”, a Barred Owl, came in at 1:00am when I happened to be at the center administering fluids for other raptor patients; 3 other juvenile Barred Owls and 2 juvenile Red Tailed Hawks….. Read more

Returning To The Wild

Like each year before, Spring is ushered into Turtle Ridge by little, click-clacking, poof balls of feathers; the Great Horned Owlets. Our Spring arrival parade wouldn’t be complete without the hissing & screeching of fluffy cotton balls; the Barn Owlets making up the tail end. This year though… the owlets kept coming.
Even after successfully returning several healthy owlets to the nests they had fallen from…Read More

Update On Elkhorn The Bear Cub

It was late in the day on March 27th 2017 when a hiker, Corey, stumbled across the lifeless cub. After surveying the area and with no mother in sight, Corey made the decision to save this cub’s life. He wrapped the little cub, nicknamed Elkhorn, after the area he was found, in his flannel shirt and sprinted back to his vehicle. Once in cell phone reception, he put a plea for help on social media and was advised to bring the bear to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center. After arriving at Turtle Ridge….Read more

A New Year And A New Beginning

A new beginning for one very special patient. His story is a symbol of hope. His new chance at life-a meaningful reason for celebration and giving thanks to  all of our supporters who made it possible. We received the call one early November morning and rushed out to a wooded area south of Minto Brown to…Read More

Home For The Holidays

We are so pleased to announce the release of our recent patient, a handsome Ringnecked Duck. While this species inhabits much of North America, it’s likely you have never seen one. That’s because these small, colorful ducks avoid busy waterways and human activity to seek out more secluded wetlands. This gentleman encountered some trouble, likely near the end of a long journey during his fall migration, leaving him bruised and broken with a fractured wing. Luckily he was found by a caring person who scooped him up from a Silverton parking lot a…Read more

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