How You Can Help

  • Donating items from our Wish List
  •  Amazon Smile – When purchasing through Amazon, simply designate us to
    receive donations of you behalf. Doing so does not increase the cost of your
    purchases. Go to for easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Fred Meyer – Just by shopping and using your rewards card, Fred Meyer will
    make a donation to Turtle Ridge. Go to Fred Meyer and use code 88415 to link
    us to your rewards card. You will still get the Rewards Points, Fuel Points and
  •  Cans for Crows Campaign – We collect cans! If you stop by for one of our blue
    bags, fill with redeemable cans and bottles and drop off at Bottle Drop we could
    soon have enough funds to build Cawner & Ziggy a new enclosure! They would
    be caw-fully grateful!
  •  Monthly Recurring Donation – Even $10 a month adds up to a lot for us in a
    year! Just click on our DONATE button, enter your donation amount and click the
    box that says “Make this Recurring Monthly”. It’s that easy!
  •  Sandcastles & Sunsets Condo in Lincoln City – Rent this beautiful oceanfront
    condo on the beach for your vacation and note in their guestbook that we are
    your charity of choice. Cline’s Condo for Charities will send us $50 for every
    night you stay. Go to: Keystone Vacations Oregon
  • Gardeners and Gatherers – Help with our food costs by sharing produce or
    picking berries.
  •  Remembering us in your Will or IRA deductions.  Follow the links to learn more:                                             IRA Deduction and Planned Giving



Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center will receive close to 2,000 wild animals in need of care. That’s 2,000 lives in twelve short months who will rely on the immediate resources offered at Turtle Ridge, resources provided by the generosity of donors just like you.

Will you help prepare the Center and ensure resources are available? Your gift today prepares us for tomorrow when, without a doubt, the resources you provide will be needed again.