Update for 2020

Due to COVID-19, our regular volunteer orientations have been cancelled for now. We are not taking new volunteers are this time. However, we are keeping all volunteer applications submitted to us on file. Due to the nature of some of our volunteer work, regular volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

We are currently working on creating safe volunteer opportunities that accommodate state rules and guidelines. If you are interested in volunteering, please check back as this page will be updated as soon as new opportunities can be finalized.


The Heartbeat Of Turtle Ridge Wildlife – Volunteers

The dictionary defines the word “volunteer” as a person who performs a service willingly and without pay. Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center (TRWC) volunteers are so much more than that definition.  To put it simply, they are loving, caring, committed, passionate, heartfelt and selfless people who dedicate a resource we all wish we had more of: time. TRWC volunteers give time to help a neonate raccoon that was found orphaned after its mother was struck by a car become acquainted with nursing from a bottle, time to study a Great Horned Owl’s behavior while it’s recovering from head trauma after being found unconscious on the ground, time to provide enrichment to our animal ambassador family who always enjoy a new puzzle or toy, time to educate others on how to coexist with wildlife, time to give up a restful night’s sleep to feed babies that lost their mother, time to pick up groceries and help us with laundry and dishes and most importantly time for a place in their heart to help those that would be otherwise left helpless.

Volunteers are a backbone of making TRWC is what is today and without the passion and love they selflessly give, the world would not be the same. For that, everyone at TRWC and the animals we serve love you all!

If you’re interested in volunteering at Turtle Ridge, check out the video below entitled “A Day In The Life” and fill out the above volunteer application. Send completed applications to turtleridgewildlife@gmail.com. While we are not currently able to accept new volunteers, we are keeping all applications on file.

“A Day In The Life”