"Caring For Injured And Orphaned Wildlife Throughout The Willamette Valley"

Found An Animal Needing Help?

Call our helpline at 503-540-8664

*COVID-19 Protocol*

Please meet staff at the gate in front of the green house. Intake form can be filled out over the phone or when you arrive. Staff will be wearing mask and gloves for your protection.

9483 Jackson Hill Rd S
Salem, OR 97306
503.540.8664    turtleridgewildlife@gmail.com

If you need to drop off an animal after 6pm please take it to 1492 Bunker Hill Rd S until further notice. Follow all instructions provided for the best possible care.Right after you turn onto the driveway, there will be a parking lot and red building with a sign on the door leading you to the patio avairy where the drop off is.

Please temporarily disregard map and drop off animals at the gate in front of the green house rather than at the white barn.

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